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Course Overview

Digital marketing is pacing up these days and every enterprise is seeking its aid for getting notified among customers. It includes the promotion of products with the help of electronic media; thus, escaping the traditional form of marketing. An efficient Digital Marketing professional makes best use of strategies for online platforms. This can be done by using e-advertising, E-mailers, social media marketing and so on.

Multisoft Virtual Academy understands the growing needs of this field and offers the Digital Marketing online course for the learning enthusiasts. The candidates enrolling in the Digital Media get an Introduction to SEO, Social Media, and Keyword Planning.

Along with this, the expert trainers let the aspirants get an in-depth understanding of the following:

Course Contents

Target Audience

The Digital Marketing courses online are opted by the middle and senior managers willing to explore the Digital Marketing platform; thus, helping to build the brand and grow sales.



After completing the online Digital Marketing training course, participants will receive a training certificate from Multisoft.